Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quick Paddle up the Onion

Entering the Onion River
Day 6 (7/16/16)

Eileen had the week off and so far we had spent most of it working on the Town Hall. For more on that you will have to check out my Dolmen Project Blog site. We had wanted to get out camping during the week but it just never worked out so we decided to at least take advantage of the beautiful day and go out to Waldo Mill Pond. It is not for the pond itself but the onion river that we so enjoy these outings. Most of Mill Pond is scummy this time of year but as you start making your way into the river it turns very clear. By the time you are actually in the river you can watch the fish darting around under your kayak. If not for the constant droning of traffic and airplanes you could easily imagine yourself in a primordial wonderland. We noticed that the river seemed lower than it has in the past and occasionally we got caught up on rocks but with a little maneuvering we were able to make it up past the bridge. It was great to just enjoy the beautiful day. On the way back down stream it is always more exciting as you have to be prepared to dodge obstacles and negotiate around branches. As usual when we got back to the pond the wind was in our faces. It wasn’t bad but after the river it just doesn’t have the same ambiance.

Just getting started



Belted Kingfisher 

I will have to look this guy up

Under the Bridge

Forest Primeval 

Coming Home

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  1. Love your photo essays on your kayak travels! I traded my single kayak for a double so Liz and I will need to put in at the Waldo mill pond some day. Your report on Mauthe lake gave me the impetus to kayak up the river there. Maybe this one will lead to us doing Waldo.