Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Gerber three years later

Heading up the River

Day 1 (7/3/18)
It looks like it has been over a year since I have added anything to my Onion River Project blog. The truth is that for the last couple years we have not had a lot of opportunity to do any kayaking and the few times we have gone out I guess I haven’t blogged about it. We are hoping to change that this year. Our grandson turned five this year so we are hoping that wee can actually take him along on short hikes and start getting him used to it. He just finished his first year of swimming lessons and seems to love water. When we got up this morning it was a perfect Wisconsin summer day. There was hardly a cloud in the sky and the temperature was pushing toward the eighties. We had loaded everything yesterday so after breakfast we hit the road. We decided to go to Gerber Lake, north of Plymouth. It has always been one of our favorites and we had not been there for a couple of years. Little had changed when we got to the lake. We started across the lake headed for the strait that would give us entrance to the second lake. Before we got there we managed to scare up a Great Blue Heron so we spent a little time stalking him. They are one of my favorite birds. Finally he flew the other direction so we continued on to the other lake. On the far side of the other lake is a small river that flows into it. That was our destination. Because of our lack of rain the water was low and we wernt able to go as far up it as we had in the past. We went as far as we could and then headed back to the lake and I did some fishing while Eileen yaked around photographing all the curiosities. Gerber has always been a lake with many natural deadwood sculptures. Some our old favorites like “Naked Lady” had finally succumbed to nature and were replaced by others. We will have to get back there soon to spend more time looking at some of the new ones. We eventually had to make our way back to the dock but were happy the we had the opportunity to take in Gerber again.
Wade and Friends

Blue Heron

Eileen up the River

Peace Garden

Natural Deadwood Sculpture

Returning to Doc

Me up the River


Water Lilies

Time to Relax

Another Lily

Big Lily Pads

More Sculpture

Through the arch

And of course Turtles

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Quick Paddle up the Onion

Entering the Onion River
Day 6 (7/16/16)

Eileen had the week off and so far we had spent most of it working on the Town Hall. For more on that you will have to check out my Dolmen Project Blog site. We had wanted to get out camping during the week but it just never worked out so we decided to at least take advantage of the beautiful day and go out to Waldo Mill Pond. It is not for the pond itself but the onion river that we so enjoy these outings. Most of Mill Pond is scummy this time of year but as you start making your way into the river it turns very clear. By the time you are actually in the river you can watch the fish darting around under your kayak. If not for the constant droning of traffic and airplanes you could easily imagine yourself in a primordial wonderland. We noticed that the river seemed lower than it has in the past and occasionally we got caught up on rocks but with a little maneuvering we were able to make it up past the bridge. It was great to just enjoy the beautiful day. On the way back down stream it is always more exciting as you have to be prepared to dodge obstacles and negotiate around branches. As usual when we got back to the pond the wind was in our faces. It wasn’t bad but after the river it just doesn’t have the same ambiance.

Just getting started



Belted Kingfisher 

I will have to look this guy up

Under the Bridge

Forest Primeval 

Coming Home

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mauthe 2016

Pretty white flowers
Day 5 (6/17/16)

I am guessing that we won’t have a lot of time to kayak or blog this summer. We purchased an old Town Hall in Belgium, Wisconsin and plan to renovate it into a studio and gallery. I will be doing update blogs on my Dolmen Project Blog site. Since we close on the property on June 24th we have been trying to pack our entire summer of work and fun into two weeks. Mauthe Lake has always been one of our favorite kayaking spots so it was a no-brainer that when we got the chance we headed there first. It was a beautiful sunny day with very little wind, in other words, a perfect day for kayaking. We raced across the lake and into river. On the way up river we were not alone but before long the others had returned to the lake and we had the river to ourselves. Lately there have been flocks of freshwater Pelicans hanging out along the lake in Sheboygan. We were lucky enough to see a group circling above us at Mauthe. We hoped for a closer look but never got one. The river was fairly high so we continued upriver until we got to our usual turnaround. When we got there however somebody had cut away some brush so we were able to go even farther. We then headed back down to our favorite hidey-hole, a narrow channel that goes back into the swamp. At the end is a crystal clear pool with hundreds of bubbling springs. They are just so mesmerizing to watch and record. It is also usually about ten degrees cooler. As usual it was hard to leave but since it was our first outing we were not used to sitting that long. We worked our way back to the boat dock, stopped for our obligatory icy and headed for home.  

End of the line or is it?

Maybe we can go father

Does this make my tree look big?

Our favorite Hidey-hole



Hmmm where did that dragon fly go?

Pretty flowers

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Sunrises and Sunsets

This first one is actually a sunset from our first day
Day 4 (3/27-4/1/16)

For my last blog from Cancun I thought it appropriate to dwell on some sunsets and sunrises. As I have said before, we were up every morning before sunrise to get the most out of our day. The first two are not featured as we were sitting on the bus when they occurred. I will let them talk for themselves. 

Sail Boat Sunrise

First Sunrise

It is really hard to stop

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Mr Rogers Neighborhood

Mr. Roger
Day 3 (3/30-31/16)

We had kind of planned on taking another tour on Wednesday morning but everything we were interested in was already booked and we had intended on meeting our friend Roger in the afternoon anyway. So far we had taken little time to enjoy of the amenities our hotel so we decided to have a look around. As we walked down the beach we noticed that right next to our hotel there appeared to be what looked like another Mayan Ruins. We had to climb up around the outside to gain access to it but, sure enough, what we found was indeed the remains of a late post-classical period temple. It had been named the “Scorpions Temple” for the remains of a scorpion sculpture found on an inside wall. It was a rather small temple and in quite bad shape but still fun to explore and it was right next door. As I have mentioned before I am married to Miss Adventure so she decided that we should give the public bus system a try. We had read a tongue in cheek guide that described the intercity buses as somewhat questionable with drivers who all think they were formula 1racers. We were warned they just may stop for a taco along the way and that we should never assume that the drivers are going to know or care where you are going. Yeah, that about sums it up. Our first attempt got us about halfway to Rogers’s neighborhood before we decided to take a cab the rest of the way just to be on the safe side. As it turns out that was a good idea since the bus turned off several blocks from Rogers Hostel and the entry was halfway down an alley. Once we found our way the bus was a piece of cake. Once we found Roger we went out in search of “Cerveza”. We soon found a little outdoor Woodfired Pizza place that had exactly what we were looking for. After a couple of hours of catching up we moved on to another restaurant that offered more traditional fare. When we complimented our waiter on his impeccable English he informed us that he had spent most of his life in Texas and had moved back to Cancun a couple of years before. He was quite happy to have some customers to speak English to. Eileen and I both ordered shrimp cocktail our favorite traditional Mexican food and it did not disappoint. All too soon it was time to try our luck again with the bus. This time it went off without a hitch. We even met some girls from California would were just down the road from us. After getting up early to watch yet another sunrise it was off once again to old Cancun to spend the day with Roger. We spent the first part of the day checking out the neighborhood. We then decided to find a outdoor market that we had heard about. With very little trouble we eventually found it. Perhaps because it was early in the day and there were few customers the vendors were ruthless. It didn’t take long before we realized that very much of that would drive us completely bonkers so we decided to find a cafĂ© for more food and Cerveza. Again we found a little outdoor establishment and before long the, I am assuming, owner had taken us under her wing and made it her priority to show us a good time. I could right volumes on the genuine hospitality of the people. By the time we had lunch and a couple of Cervezas the owner hugged us when she saw us off. After that both Roger and we had to head back to our respective lodging to prepare for leaving the next day. It had been a good time but soon it must come to an end.
Miss Adventure

Temple of the Scorpion

Scene from the Temple
Old Town Cancun

Second Restaurant

A New Day in Mr Rogers Neighborhood

First Restaurant (Day View)

Second Restaurant (Day View)

The Hood


In the Park

Something you almost never see

Catching Up