Saturday, July 24, 2010


Day 8 (7/21/10)
We finally got back out on the water. It has been a very busy summer. It doesn’t look like it is going to slow down anytime soon. Originally we had planned on an overnight camping trip. Unfortunately several things came up to make that impossible. We decided to go to Gerber just to get out and enjoy what promised to be a beautiful, but hot, day. Many things had changed since our last trip to Gerber almost a month ago. The first change we noticed since our last trip was that they have installed a box to pay for docking/parking. We had heard that Sheboygan County had started charging to use the bike trails but we had not heard about the docking fees. I imagine if people don’t want higher taxes they have to pay for parks and recreation somehow. I’m glad we brought money. It looks like you can get a yearly pass that will give you access to both trails and launch sites. Personally, it is not a hardship, but I do feel sorry for low income people who are being forced to pay to take their children fishing. It makes fishing for food even more costly. After paying our penance we unloaded our yaks and got to business. The second change we noticed was how weedy the lake was. It never was like this last year. My guess is that all the rain and heat has made for optimum conditions for weed growth. The one thing that didn’t change was that we saw little in the way of wildlife. It may have been the time of day that we went out but there were almost no shore birds. We saw a bunch of circling Turkey Vultures but that was about all. The third change was that the only house overlooking the lake is either being torn down or remodeled. I must admit it would be cool to have no houses on the lake but it was far enough away as to not really be obnoxious. Finally, the last change was that there were no people. Eileen and I had the lake entirely to ourselves. That made for a very relaxing afternoon. We were able to go wherever we wanted whenever we wanted. When we were packing up to leave a man and a boy put their boat in but otherwise nobody.