Sunday, September 26, 2010

Color at Gerber

Day 25 (9/26/10)
This time of year you have to take advantage of nice days when they show themselves. Last year we missed the turning of the leaves after a storm with heavy winds striped the leaves prematurely. This year we decided not to take any chances and get out early and often. I would guess that next week will actually be the peak of color. It was a beautiful day though with enough color to appease the appetite. When we got to Gerber there was only one other boat which left shortly after we got there so once again we had the lake to ourselves. We spent most of the afternoon just paddling around. I tried fishing but had little luck, which I had anticipated after feeding the fish this morning and seeing their lethargic disposition. As usual Eileen got some great pictures.

Eileen at the Bridge

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rainy Day at Waldo

Day 24 (9/19/10)

The Start of Fall

We had been waiting for a nice weekend to get out kayaking and it looked like today was supposed to be the best of the weekend. We had first planned on camping at Mauthe Lake until we heard the forecast for rain on Saturday and clearing for Sunday. As it turned out it cleared Saturday afternoon so we were psyched for Sunday. We woke up to a cloudy somewhat rainy morning. We had been waiting for so long though that we decided at noon to go for it anyway. Because it was close and we were unsure of the weather we went to Waldo. When we got there it started sprinkling but by the time we got everything ready it had stopped. As we worked our way up the lake it stayed dry. It is always fun kayaking on Waldo. You can see the fish, mostly suckers, scooting out of the way leaving mud clouds in there wake. Occasionally you catch one by surprise and you hear them thump of the bottom of your boat. The colors are starting to change so it was quite enjoyable. It started to drizzle on our way back and continued to get worse so we made a mad dash for the truck.

Slaying the Dragon
It starts Rainning

Lost Blog

First Changings
Day 23 (8/26/10)
It has been over a month since we have been out Kayaking. It has been a busy summer. We are hoping to make up for lost time this fall. We went to Gerber and as much as I love it I think we have to find a new lake to explore. Again there was almost nobody else there. There was one other boat but it never made it back to the back lake. I managed to get two fish right off the bat but then things slowed down. The water was down considerably since the last time we were there. It was very clear though. You could see fish all over, mostly small bass. I did see one large northern though but couldn’t get it interested. I think I need to take some diving baits to get down in the deep water where it is cooler.

Underwater shot
More Underwater

Small Bass