Sunday, September 21, 2014

International Peace Day

Peace Cairn
Day 7 9/21/14
Today is International Peace Day. Who knew? I certainly didn’t until a couple days ago. I had always thought that there should be a day celebrating peace when there are several celebrating war. Perhaps someday we will even get the day off for it. Well we did this year because it fell on Sunday. Our daughter-in-law sent a text at eight this morning asking is we wanted to go for a walk out at Harrington Beach State Park at nine? I must admit that we were still in bed since my favorite part of Sunday morning is lying in bed with a cup of coffee and listening to the church bells ring throughout town. It was a perfect morning for it. There was a cool breeze coming in through the open window warning that soon I would no longer be able to listen unimpeded.

We jumped out of bed, ate a quick breakfast, got dressed and waited for them to pick us up. Any chance to play with our grandson is a welcome divergence. It started to drizzle just before they got there so we threw on our rain coats and jumped in the car. Wade, our grandson, was excited to see us and he can light up any day. By the time we got to the park it had quit raining and was promising to be a beautiful walk. Wade loves his new found independence of walking and doesn’t miss a chance to stretch his legs. After awhile he begrudgingly got into his stroller and we headed for the quarry lake. The water was crystal clear and the lake looked bottomless. The first hints of color were starting to hit some of the trees. We strolled around the lake enjoying what had become a breezy but nice day. We came across a couple of cormorants. They must be very tolerant of people because we got very close and they never flew away. I managed to build a couple of cairns with the help of Eileen and Wade. It was a great way to start out International Peace Day.