Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yak Cam

Day 3 (6/29/11)

Yak Cam
Again we decided to get an early start and go to Hingham this time. It was a beautiful day and I was excited about trying my new “Yak cam”. I had purchased a bendable tripod that I could mount on the rod holder of my console. It worked perfectly. It was right in front of me so that I could easily operate it and stable enough to get very little wobble. If I was going to fish I would have to come up with another idea. As usual we worked our way up through the flowage to get to the river where the fun really begins. Once you make the turn away from the last house on the lake and entered the river a sense of peace flows over you. More than any other place we go to Hingham really emphasizes the contrast between populated and non-populated areas. You are consumed with watching the wildlife and nature around you. We hadn’t gone far when we came across a beaver with a mouth full of sticks. I tried to get some video of it but as soon as I got close it disappeared under the surface. Around the next corner Eileen kicked up a deer but again wasn’t fast enough to get a photo. She said it was starting to get antlers. It must have run up the river a ways because it sure made a lot of noise. It was hard to turn around and come home but to go on would have taken some major portaging. So we worked our way back down river to civilization.

Turn Around

Working our way to the River

First Cairn

I love this Photo

Twin Cairn


Bridge at the end of the line.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Day 2 (6/26/11)

Cairn building
Our plan was to get up early and head out to Gerber Lake before the weekend crowds started moving in. Well, it was early for us and we were the first boats out on the lake. To be honest at noon there was still only two other boats on the lake. The water was amazingly clear which made fishing sort of frustrating as I watched the largest bass I have ever seen in the wild swim past without even a second glance at my bait. As Eileen said “they probably don’t get that large by being stupid”. I covered most of the lake and couldn’t scare up any fish although we saw lots of them. We visited all the usual haunts, checked out the fallen wood sculptures, went up the little river and even built a cairn. I don’t think you could have gotten much better weather for kayaking. I had purchased a cheap little waterproof video camera so we spent a little time playing around with that. Unfortunately there was little in the way of wildlife to film. On our way back to the dock, Eileen came across a wren which had built a nest in a hollow log. It put up such a fuss though we decided to leave it in peace.
Up the River

In the Strait




Wren House

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Maiden Voyage

Baby Blue Jay
Three Baby Blue Jays
 Day 1 (6/17/11)

Year three is off to a slow start. This is actually the first time that I have blogged on any of my blogs since Walker stole the music. I know it is time to get on with my life but it is hard. It seems like much of my thought and energy has been drained by the current political situation. It is not like we have not been doing anything. We have actually spent a lot of time working on the yard and general maintenance. We had a great spring for birds and had a large group of Orioles and Indigo buntings that stayed for a couple of weeks. We had a family of Orchard Orioles which I had never seen before so that was fun. There are two groups of baby robins running around the yard and a nest of baby blue jays in the cedar in back. Today we finally headed out to Waldo for our maiden voyage of the year. It was a beautiful day. As usual we quickly made our way up through the flowage, slowing only to stalk a blue heron that was feeding along the bank. Unfortunately, the dragon driftwood had lost its jaw and looked far less intimidating. Otherwise we found everything much as we remembered it. We went up past the bridge that is usually about as far as we can go without some major pruning. I was sad to see somebody had thrown small air conditioner over the bridge. Regrettably, as Eileen and I have often discussed, when you start charging to dispose of small appliances some people will resort to unscrupulous disposal methods. We stopped at the bridge to build a cairn, our first of the season. It is kind of amazing that we are half way through June and I just made the first build of the year. Perhaps the rest of the summer will be better.

Blue Heron
The Bridge
Cedar Grove