Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fourth of July in May

Day 3 (5/29/10)
It is the start of Memorial Day weekend and the weather is more like the Fourth of July. The temperature was in the eighties and beautiful. Our son Nate and his wife Rita were visiting for the weekend. Nate had gone golfing with his friends so Eileen and I decided to take Rita out kayaking. We went down to Lake Michigan because it was close and would give their two dogs something to do. She had kayaked before at 4H camp but not with a sit on Kayak like ours. When we first got there the water was quite rough. The wind was coming out of the northeast so the water was actually very warm for May. There were several kids swimming. It was good that it was warm because the waves were breaking over the front of the kayaks. When we first went out, it was almost too brutal especially for a beginner. After coming in and spending some time lazing in the sun and playing with the dogs the wind and the waves settled down and we were able to go out again. Like always there wasn’t that much to see but the water was beautiful and the waves made for some fun paddling.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Year Two at Gerber

Day 2 (5/23/10)

It was our first kayaking trip of the year so it was probably fitting that we went to our favorite lake “Gerber” for our maiden voyage. The forecast was for a high of eighty five degrees which brought out the crowds. It was the most busy I had ever seen Gerber. Even our little river had two guys in a flat boat on it. In spite of the people we had a great day. We were able to find an area where there were few people and kind of let the wind and current take us where it would. Eileen spent a while chasing a blue heron but couldn’t get real close. She did get a close to a bass though.